Sunday, March 15, 2009

So I started a blog...

...and I'm the first one to do it. You know I am. You know you wish you had a blog, and that you were the one on the absolute forefront of technological advance. Be careful. Jealousy can be a viscious practice. Some day, when the wonders of the internet are revealed to you also, a blog you may start (thank you Yoda). And always remember, wikipedia is NOT a verifiable source of information (even if it does have way more snazzy facts than other encyclopedias).

That first part was mostly a joke. Mostly. Or totally- depends on what degree you realize that I am sometimes assonine for no other reason than my own amusement. Truth be told, I feel a little behind and am a fresh born baby (cyber-goo and all) to the world of blogging. Millions before me have started their blogs (to my individualistic dismay, a huge handful of them have probably started with an analysis of blogging). And why? To have their say. To put "it" out there. And even if no one ever reads their blog, they can rest peacefully and know that their thoughtsfeelingsjokestruthslies exist somewhere outside of themselves. I want in.

It is at this point that the swell of connected thoughts spills out into my wireless router. Is it the desire for a legacy? The need to be known? A fear of neither of those being realized? Yes. At least probably so. It's hard to gain insight into non-existance (or at least, post-death), when so presently existant. There is almost certainly some base human motivation which has perpetuated the blog-phenom. Maslow could explain this. But hey, I'm human, so sign me up. I want to share my thoughts both to friends and strangers (if they like), and if it goes unread, well then self, consider this a study in legacy, love, and hypothetical non-existance. The world is big (perhaps another reason for the blog phenom), and as of late has been too big to simply verbalize. Perhaps writing, or blogging rather, will serve as another mental forum through which to digest. And I hope I am always a little unable to do it justice- as long as a word is a prison, there is still some mystery left.

I wonder what kind of blogger I'll be. The sporadic, long posted blogger? The beats a dead horse blogger? The psuedo-intellectual should probably read philosophy before he blogs it blogger? The always finds something to rant about blogger? The check out my best selling memoirs in twenty years blogger? Hmm, I think I'm mostly going for earnest here. I guess that first paragraph wasn't a great start then. Oh well. I started a blog. I guess I'm on my way to a higher understanding of myself and the world. And also, I can check it off my Google tasks (which I discovered just last week). Check. Post one, complete. I'm totally published.

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  1. Okay, man. I added you to my google reader. Don't do what countless others have done before you and start a blog, only to stop posting in a couple of months or so.

    Can't be having that clutter in my goog reader, know what I mean?

    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts 'out there' in cyberspace.